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The businesses of Downtown Orono thrive on the loyal support of our customers and are strong supporters of our community in return. We’re nothing without you. Enjoy browsing our directory for interesting shops, restaurants and services to visit in person. You’ll be amazed by our variety!
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Board of Directors:

DBIA President: Yvonne Maitland – Apple Blossom Flowers
DBIA Treasurer:  Lisa Roy – Geek Girl Media
DBIA Secretary: Marg Zwart – The Orono Weekly Times

Past Chair: Lisa Roy – Geek Girl Media

Annette Gray – Patriot Antiques

Marg Zwart – Orono Weekly Times

Karen Lowery – Terrens Wellness

Jude Allison – Judeful Designs

Yvonne Maitland – Apple Blossom Flowers

Scott Story – Associate Member

Wendy Partner – Local Councillor, Ward 4 Rep.


Official Plan for the Municipality of Clarington  Orono Community Improvement Plan

The Official Plan for the Municipality of Clarington outlines the goals and objectives for Community Improvement. Clarington has a long history of supporting its historical downtown areas and rural communities while taking advantage of federal or provincial funding programs to support civic improvements. This is the first formal Community Improvement Plan for Clarington. The main purpose of this Community Improvement Plan [CIP] is to articulate a vision for Orono, based on an assessment of past experience and future prospects, along with a realistic “road map” of how to get there. View the plan here.


Orono Business Directory

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